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Francesca Dildo Fucks

Posted in Francesca Felucci by admin on the September 30th, 2007

Men usually go crazy over Francesca’s italian beauty. She just has that sex kitten look but class of a decent woman that only European chicks have. Her golden locks are enough to make heads turn but it’s her tight voluptous body that really catches the men’s attention. It’s just sad that this beautiful blonde is left all alone and has to take care of herself and even her pussy’s needs.

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Bobbi’s Impatient

Posted in Bobbi Blair by admin on the September 29th, 2007

Bobbi Blair is a very beautiful woman and she knows it. She has that beautiful tan that just makes her skin so tempting to lick and run your hands along. Right now, Bobbi is waiting for her man to arrive and she’s getting impatient. She went out in her sexy satin pink lingerie hoping for him to arrive soon. When she still didn’t see any trace of him, she started playing with her pussy instead.

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Slutty Sandra

Posted in Sandra by admin on the September 28th, 2007
Slutty Sandra

Sandra is proud of her exotic looks. Her mother is a latina and this pornbabe sure got all of the raw sexy attitude of her mexican mama. She likes to show off her wares by wearing figure-hugging and really short skirts and tops. When it doesn’t give her the attention she wants, she even goes to the extreme of flashing her white panties in public. This babe really is a slut – just watch her play with her dildo and you’d know it yourself.

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Anita’s Show

Posted in Anita Blue by admin on the September 27th, 2007

Anita Blue doesn’t have blue eyes so if you’re wondering why she got her name, it’s because she’s caused a lot of blue balls. This young cocktease is always game when you ask her to strip. In fact, she’s always ready for it and makes sure that she’s wearing a sexy pair of lingerie underneath. She loves wearing black lace and really skimpy thongs that show off her plump ass cheeks. Thing is, this girl loves to flash but when it comes to the actual fucking – you’d have to work your ass off to get into her panties.

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Ass Plugged Daria

Posted in Daria Glover by admin on the September 26th, 2007

Looking at Daria, you’d realize that she has a gorgeous pair of eyes and a very pretty face. But those are not the things that Daria get noticed for. Her full round tits and very sexy legs are what men usually drool over and when she’s naked it’s her very pink pussy hole and tight rosebud that you’d love to look at. Here, Daria gives us a sample of what we’d have if we spend the night with her – she plugs a dildo in her pussy before plugging it into her ass.

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Monica Causes Trouble

Posted in Monica Mayhem by admin on the September 25th, 2007

Monica got her name because she’s one big trouble dressed up in mini skirts and high heels. When this blonde dresses up in her slutty outfits, men usually go crazy over her. This time, Monica is in her net stockings and displaying wide for her boyfriend by the pool. She doesn’t care if her neighbors see her sucking his huge cock and even got up to fill her tight pussy with it. Of course, horny bitches should be punished and Monica got what she deserved when she had her slutty face cumsprayed.

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Cindy Starts Early

Posted in Cindy by admin on the September 24th, 2007

Asia easily gets bored in the house so she decided to go hiking one day. She was ready for the hike wearing short shorts and a loose denim jacket. While she was hiking into the woods, she was suddenly feeling naughty and was soon posing and spreading. She loves the fact that she’s alone and can do anything she wants. This Asian babe then soon strips her clothes off and starts playing with her pussy

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Ashley’s Never Blue

Posted in Ashley Blue by admin on the September 23rd, 2007

You’ll never be blue when you’re with this girl. Ashley is a fun-loving girl who always likes to party and simply have fun. She just turned 21 and is just starting to enjoy all the parties, beers and definitely boys. This girl might have small tits but the redhead more than makes up for it with her striking beauty and hot tight body. So would you like to join Ashley and have fun yourself or just rather watch her pleasure herself with her blue dildo?

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Tiger Plays

Posted in Liliane Tiger by admin on the September 22nd, 2007

That speckled dildo sure is lucky as it gets to be passed around hot beautiful girls like the one we have here – Liliane Tiger. Liliane got her nickname because she is such a tigress in bed. She loves to initiate the action by seducing the guy in her lacy black lingerie and dominate him in the bedroom department. She’s not shy about her pussy itch and rams a cock real deep into her hole. When she can’t find a mate however, this tigress settles for her trusted plastic friend.

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Kira Keeps it Simple

Posted in Kira Eggers by admin on the September 21st, 2007

Kira is one of the hot girl and she doesn’t need any decoration to make a man’s cock stand in attention. When we offered to have her shoot in some exotic location, she declined and even offered to do right in front of a gray wall. We weren’t sure that she could pull it off but when she started posing and undressing, we immediately realized our mistake. This girl only needs her beautiful face and hot tight body to grab our undivided attention.

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Viktorie Practices

Posted in Viktorie by admin on the September 20th, 2007

Viktorie’s real name is Victoria but her friends call her Viktorie and the name stuck. She was named Viktorie because when it comes to boys at their high school, this hot blonde always wins. She doesn’t care what it takes to get them to notice her. She can easily unbutton her top, showing off her hot pink bra. She can even strip fast enough to show off a matching hot pink thong. But when it comes to real men, Viktorie is still a little nervous and tries to perfect her skill by practicing with a dildo.

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Slut Secretaries

Posted in Brittney Skye,Hannah by admin on the September 19th, 2007

What do you think secretaries are up to when they’re bosses are not around. Well, Hannah and Brittney are two sexy secretaries who have nothing to do when they’re boss left for a meeting. They were so disappointed because they were dressed in their most slutty outfits hoping to seduce their boss when they found out that he’d be gone for a week. They try do some work and entertain some clients before they realized that they suck at real jobs, so they worked on each other instead.

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Blushing Jessica

Posted in Jessica Fiorentino by admin on the September 18th, 2007

Jessica has that perfect creamy skin that you’d love to run your tongue along. Her fair complexion makes her red hair pop out even more and she even wears a hot pink lingerie to emphasize her beautiful skin. But this redhead doesn’t need clothes to make her skin even more beautiful, all she needs to do is cum hard enough to make her blush crimson red.

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Zoe Checks her Tan

Posted in Zoe by admin on the September 17th, 2007

Zoe loves her tan and always checks that every part of her smooth body is well and even tanned. She always starts by checking her gorgeous legs by spreading wide and running her hands over them. Next comes her flat belly and nice full tits. She then bends over to check her back and her plump ass before finally checking out the most important part – her pussy. She spreads her pussy lips wide and her pink cunt just pops out because of her tan. Of course, she has to check inside and she does this by using her silver dildo.

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Katie Wants to Play

Posted in Katie Morgan by admin on the September 16th, 2007

Like a graceful kitty, this pussy loves to tease and play with her prey – and that is us. Katie here is dressed up to torture us all in sheer black stockings that clearly flaunt her smooth creamy legs. Her black thong shows off her cute bottom and the see-through top makes it easy enough to spot her erect pink nips. Katie gracefully bends over and spreads, waiting for us to beg her to put us out of our misery.

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